Sites dedicated to LARP are rare, so most conventions are held at youth hostels, campsites, Boy Scout sites, farm land and the like. Usually the setting must be modified to suit the location, and we as organizers or participants must accept several compromises, for example tents substituting for a small town or lordly mansion.

Even the rare specialized LARP sites need a good measure of imagination and adaptation for the setting of the present situation. In the long run we would like to provide solutions for all of this. Modular beds to give a better variation and modular wall props to change the interior of a building more completely are examples for these solutions. This improves the immersion and quality of play overall.

Beside design points, participants have many more needs that organizers must adhere to. Good connections with public transportation and motorway, sanitary facilities, a vast play area and, depending on length, catering and lodging. Aware of all these needs, we preselect possible options for our customers so they can concentrate on the important part, the play itself.