JUEWIL stands for Jüterbock – Wilsing. As we do not want to restrict ourselves to only events or LARP-Conventions, we have chosen a more general name for our enterprise.

As a business we see ourselves as pioneers to provide live-action-role-players with locations that are affordable and fit their individual needs, to enrich the community with our spectrum of conventions either by us or other creative people, and to improve public reception.

LARP has a high potential that has only been partially utilized to this day. As a widely known spare time activity, it gains more importance as a form of education. For study leave or teambuilding exercises it could become a starting point. The importance of LARP for soft skills is becoming more and more widely known.

JUEWIL understands itself as a governing enterprise, to take care of, and expand, a site, assist organizing teams and keep in touch in case of further demands. Our first and foremost goal is to make your vision come true.