Unser Team

Vera Jüterbock

Vera is 31 years young, studied architecture at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences and at the moment she is studiing psychology at the FernUniversität at Hagen. She works as a teacher and vice principal at Primär after schooltuition.

Vera acquired a lot of experience at the Wachendorf amateur theatre and the theatre workshop Bremen in make-up and directing. Since 2009 she has been involved in planning, directing and organizing LARP-Conventions. She first came in contact with LARP in 2008 and since then she has been game master (GM) and taken roles as a non-player character (NPC) at conventions in the Altrageria, especially Talosia campaigns, as well as NPC roles at Conquest of Mythodea. If study and work allows she acts as one of her player characters in north Germany, usually Rhea, Dana and Florentina. But usually she is found as a GM or organizer, especially for make-up, props, GM/NPC coordination and costume design. In her spare time she sews items on plot concepts and campaign backgrounds, game masters and plays in her pen & paper groups and also paints.


Olaf Wilsing-Jüterbock

Olaf is 38 years young and has been married with Vera since 2015. He studied IT, history and politics in Hamburg and Oldenburg, after that retrained as an office clerk. In the follow up years, he worked in customer support for different companies.

Olaf has been active in the Live Acton Roleplay community since 1996. As a player you might have met him in character, To, Teppic and Brother Ignatius from the Brotherhood of the white Dragon. Since 2001 he has been on multiple runs GM and NPC at Chaos Cons Orga conventions under Berno Hanke, Markus Heise and Marcus Merz. He organized the Misty woods campaign together with Dina Filges from 2004 till 2011. After that he was with Vera for several years as GM and NPC with the Talosia campaign. In his spare time he gets mad at his cats, who he adores, GMs and plays at his pen& paper groups and reads terms and conditions thoroughly.